Training small groups - Training Need Analysis 

A brief overview of Training Need Analysis.

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Once you have identified that a training need exists and you have identified a job description or competency standard for that particular job/role then you can carry out a Training Needs Analysis (TNA).

A TNA will help you identify the gaps between what the person can actually do and what they are required to do.

A TNA will help you design your training session to suit the needs of participants. Listed below are steps you will need to take to conduct a TNA.

1. Identify competencies that relate to specific jobs/roles.

2. Identify competencies held by individuals for specific jobs/roles.

3. Compare competencies currently held by individuals with those competencies required for the job/role.

4. Outline the training requirements in sufficient detail and in an appropriate format so that a training program can be prepared.

There are a number of ways that you can gather information for you TNA.* Organisational records.

* Observations. 

* Interviews.

* Performance tests

* Questionnaire. 

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