Training small groups - Presenting Information 

Even when demonstrating tasks during training there will always be part of your training session that involves new information. Presenting information need not be simply about participants sitting back and the trainer lecturing.

There are many ways that a trainer can present information in an interesting way which will allow participants to practice and apply the new information. The following steps can be used when planning your training session: Present information in small chunks

* Do not overload participants with too much new information at once. * Put these chunks of information into an appropriate sequence.

Make it interesting

* Create interest in the new information

* Link it to something they already know

Use a variety of presentation methods

* Combining a talk with a project or case study will make it more interesting.

* Use flip charts, coloured pens and video to liven up the presentation.

Allow for breaks

* Allow time for participants to absorb and reflect on the information

* Do not overload participants

Check for understanding

* Ensure that participants understand the information

* Ask appropriate questions.

* Get participants to tell you what they know.

Get participants to practice the new information

* Use activities which get participants to practice and apply the new information such as role plays, brainstorming ideas and discussions.

As with demonstrations you will need to assess whether participants have achieved the required outcomes. This can be achieved during or after the training session by asking questions, reports, presentations etc. 

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