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I didn't start of as a business consultant or trainer - far from it. I began in the UK travel industry before moving to Australia and becoming involved in office administration.

In the 90s I was working for the New South Public Service, organising and managing a new computerised records system. I had not long recovered from chemotherapy and that combined with constant restructuring prompted me to take voluntary redundancy. After all it gets a bit much when factors outside your control mean you have to continuously apply for the position you are already in!

Voluntary redundancy may sound fine but life soon gets boring. One day I was offered a job folding leaflets then putting them in envelopes. I was part of what was officially called a "team" but in reality was half a dozen people doing things the hardest way possible. I found it rather ironic that the employer was a business consultancy and the leaflets were advertising the then flavour-of-the-month business guru.

I made a few suggestions as to how we could work more efficiently. These suggestions - and others were adopted - and soon we were as they say, cooking with gas. Things improved even more when I pointed out the advantages of a folding machine!

Originally I was employed for one day, then two, then a week. Eventually the owner of the business created a position for me and I acted as his support and advisor. It was not the first time such a thing had happened - organising is my forte.

The time came for me to move on and so I left and started New Perspectives presenting workshops such as "Learn To Speak With Impact" and "The Competitive Edge". Training Managers and directors from Pioneer International, Salvation Army and St George Bank,have previously enjoyed and benefited from my seminars and workshops.

I could see the potential in using the Internet as a means of reaching a global audience and took the leap into online consultancy and training. Later on I began a business blog - the successful and popular i On Global Trends.

In life and in business, many problems seem to be like a locked building - impossible to exit. My philosophy is that if you look at something from a new perspective, you can often a see a door or a window that you didn't see before.

Once you find that opening and step out into the street - the whole world is before you. What you then have to decide is, do you stay where you are, or do you keep moving?

Mike Hitchen


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